Our Courses


The greatest asset an organization has is its staff. That means you! 

You should know that the techniques you will learn on these courses are the result of over 25 years of practical experience and successful consultations. You, as an individual, can strongly influence and change conditions so that you and your team actually create an ever-expanding practice. This means a highly successful and busy practice with a high volume of patients receiving your expert dental care and thus, achieving excellent oral health.

Does that sound good? Imagine a practice where patients are walking in, others are being escorted to operatories, and others are leaving after their appointments with smiles on their faces. The front desk staff is busy on the phones making new appointments and rescheduling those who have just finished their appointment. All the operatories are full, and no patient has to wait very long. The doctor or doctors are always working with a patient, and the hygienists are also very busy. The financial coordinator is cheerfully going over financial options with patients to help them continue their needed treatment plans. And last, but not least, your existing patients are eager to spread the word about your wonderful practice to their friends and families, helping you create an ever-expanding patient base.

The result? A highly respected and sought-after practice with a large,
expanding patient base and a community with outstanding oral health.
These courses are going to train you, in your specific job at the practice, to do your part to create this ideal scene at your practice.

So, are you ready?
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